Ask Garmin: Choices and voices of a nüvi


350right_2Nuvi260w_3 Today’s Ask Garmin answers tap into our nüvi line. Joe wants to buy a nüvi and is interested in the nüvi 260W and the nüvi 350. “They both seem the same, except the 260W is a wide screen. Other than that, what’s the difference?” With more than 30 nüvi models available to fit your specific needs, the click-and-compare feature on our Web site comes in handy. Simply by choosing the 260W and 350, and then clicking the “compare” button, you can see that the most visible differences are the size and screen (260W has 4.3″ screen, 350 is 3.5″). The 350 has a flip-up antenna, is FM traffic compatible, has a headphone/audio jack and can play audiobooks and MP3s. Thanks, Joe, and happy shopping!

Janet Adams asks, “I have a nüvi 650 and want to know how I can get different voices downloaded on my Garmin? It only came with one voice.” Glad to have you in the Garmin family, Janet. You’ll find a wide range of voices and languages already available on your nüvi 650 by selecting Tools (the wrench icon) and Locale. The menus on some models differ slightly, so nüvi users can also check under Tools//Settings/Language/Voice. Enjoy!

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