Ask Garmin: Backing up Favorites and Waypoints


Dsc_1587_2Planning a summer caravan? Or maybe you want to share your recent road trip hot spots with a friend or family member. Whatever the case, there are times when you want to back up your favorites and waypoints marked in your nuvi device. That’s where today’s Ask Garmin question comes from. Michael asks: “I have a nuvi 300 and want to save my favorites for future transfer to another nuvi model. How do I do it?” Well, Michael, this is a common question, and with a few steps you’ll be on your way to archiving your favorites in no time.

1. Using a USB cable, plug the device into a PC

2. Open the My Computer icon

3. Double-click the nuvi drive, and then double-click the Garmin folder

4. Right-click the GPX folder and select Copy

5. Paste this folder to another location on your PC

6. To add the favorites to another unit, open the GPX folder and copy the current file into the second device (in the same place you found the original on the first one)

And there you have it – take a trip, save your favorites and share ’em as you please.

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