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In today’s day and age, keeping a constant line of communication with loved ones is paramount. Despite growing mobile telephone networks all over the world, there are still large expanses of the earth lacking a reliable source of communication. For pilots who regularly traverse these regions, a dependable product that can keep them on the grid, can provide peace of mind. Earlier this year, Garmin acquired DeLorme, a GPS navigation and satellite communication company based in Yarmouth, Maine that pioneered the inReach line of affordable two-way satellite communication devices.

The award winning inReach Explorer and SE, have garnered many accolades from the outdoor community. But the inReach’s usefulness extends beyond the ground-bound voyagers. From the weekend adventure pilot to a regular business commuter, the inReach series can supplement any pilot’s flight bag. With a wide range of active satellite subscription plans – from monthly to annual – we offer the flexibility to select a plan that fits each aviator’s individual needs.

A few key features of the inReach series apply directly to pilots. A MapShare tool, which is tied to the device’s GPS tracking capabilities, allows aviators to share their specific locations with family and friends via a website or social media updates. Depending on the subscription plan, location tracking points can be provided at intervals from two minutes to four hours, providing location, GPS coordinates, course elevation and speed.

Two-way worldwide text messaging is simple and convenient with a built-in screen on both the Explorer and SE models. Messages can be sent and received, displaying up to 160-characters with GPS coordinates to cell numbers, email addresses or social media channels around the globe.

As much as we hate to imagine certain possibilities, emergencies do happen. In the event of a crash landing or off airport emergency, the inReach Explorer and SE feature a dedicated SOS button that can trigger rescue services. Once activated, two-way text conversation can take place with the search and rescue monitoring center until help arrives.

For more information on the inReach satellite communicators, and to determine which model fits your aviation needs, check it out here. Also, check out this story how the inReach helped rescue a downed pilot.

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