A Customer Testimonial: Flying with a Connected Cockpit


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I recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of the biggest Garmin enthusiasts I’ve met yet, Mark Hangen. One look at Mark’s cockpit and you quickly say to yourself, “this guy must like Garmin.” Another look at his cockpit and complete equipment list and it’s pretty clear, Mark LOVES Garmin.

In a little over 28 years, Mark has obtained his airplane single-engine land (ASEL), multi-engine land (AMEL), and perhaps my favorite – his single-engine sea (ASES) licenses. He’s a 6,000-hour pilot, flying around 200-300 hours each year for business and pleasure in his Cessna 310P. Mark has a lengthy list of Garmin equipment in his airplane (if you’re curious, his equipment list is at the bottom of this post!) and recently installed one of our newest products, Flight Stream 210. To fully understand how Flight Stream has enhanced his flying, I asked Mark some key questions. In his own words, Mark details what Flight Stream has done for him: 

Q: Why did you elect to incorporate Flight Stream into your cockpit?

A: It allows portable devices to talk to panel devices. Good things happen when devices get integrated. I bought it as much for what it will provide in the future as I did for what it will do today. 

Q: What feature do you like best about the Flight Stream 210?

A: Two things stand out – 1) the ability to flight plan on Garmin Pilot and then upload it to the GTN. No additional data entry, which is error prone. 2) The ability to do graphical flight plan editing. Garmin Pilot allows you to create a user waypoint as part of this process “on the fly” whereas the GTN doesn’t.  This is crucial during weather deviation. I also like the ability for my passengers to control Sirius XM without me being involved.

Q: Describe a time with Flight Stream came in handy and made flying easier for you: 

A: I had a full route clearance at KHPN (Westchester County airport, 15 miles North of La Guardia in New York). Through Garmin Pilot, I got the route downloaded to me and I was able to upload all 30 waypoints without rekeying a thing. 

Q: What feature do you use the most throughout your entire Garmin avionics suite while flying?

A: G500 – although, I really like the GSR56 as I can conduct business while flying.

Q: Advice to a customer considering Flight Stream (or a customer who might be on the fence about integrating Flight Stream into their cockpit):

A: Best value in aviation. It is the future. 

It’s easy to see that Mark’s flying has been enhanced with Flight Stream and his entire suite of Garmin products. Check out a brief video below that Mark recorded using Garmin VIRB, which demonstrates how quick and easy flight plan transfers are between Garmin Pilot and the GTN series:


For additional information regarding Flight Stream and our entire suite of Connext products, visit www.garmin.com/connext and check out the video below:


Mark’s equipment list:

G500                                    GDL 88

GTN 750, GTN 650                GDL 69A

Flight Stream 210                  aera 796

Garmin Pilot (iPad)                GDL 39D

GMA 35                                 GSR 56

GTX 33ES                               GWX 70

Two Garmin VIRB Cameras     GAD 43e

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