5 Ways to Spend Father’s Day with Dad


It’s Father’s Day weekend, which means some quality bonding time with Dad is definitely in order. Depending on how well we know our dad, it’s sometimes tough to get a read on what they want to do on their day. Well, fortunately for the aviation loving fathers, there’s probably a good chance that if airplanes are involved, he’ll be happy. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Fly to Your Favorite Local Airport Eatery

A number of airports around the country have great restaurants based either on the airfield, or within walking distance from the ramp. The ‘Restaurant Run’ has been a staple for those pilots that love good food almost as much as they love to fly. Jump in the airplane and fly to your favorite spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner with Dad – just make sure to avoid a bumpy day for this mission.

  1. Go to a Local Airshow or Fly-In

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get some ‘airtime’ with Dad, there are few days better than Fathers Day. June is prime airshow and fly-in season, so there’s bound to be lots of aviation happenings around the country. Pick a nice location, hop in the cockpit and get airborne. For the wing-challenged aviation enthusiasts out there, take Dad to a local airshow and enjoy the thrills of aerobatic stunts, nostalgia of vintage warbirds, or the rumble of military jets.

  1. Do A Little Hangar Flying

As all pilots know, not all ‘flying’ involves an actual airplane. We love trading stories, which everyone knows are always 100% true…well maybe the truth gets bent a little, but we still love to hear them nonetheless. There are fewer things more relaxing than shooting the breeze in the hangar with the company of our friends and family.

  1. Work On an Airplane

If Dad is an aircraft owner, there’s a pretty good chance a few maintenance tasks need to be handled on the airplane. Anything from changing the oil, to simply washing the bugs off, he could probably use a hand (or for the dads out there, maybe a discrete suggestion for a good helper may be all you need).

  1. Watch an Airplane Movie

There are a lot of aviation classics out there, but to name a few “Top Gun,” “Twelve O’Clock High,” and “Battle of Britain” have some great flying sequences. Grab a film, get some popcorn, and get the aviation juices flowing.

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