4 Things Triathlete Michelle Vesterby Needs Before Every Race


In our Countdown to Kona, a Garmin triathlete will take over the Garmin Fitness Instagram each day and share some of their training and race day tips. A professional triathlete since 2012, Michelle Vesterby recently won in Copenhagen, has placed several times in Kona and has her eye on taking the top place this year. This is her method for race day success.




Preparation for a big race is pivotal to performing your best. I have a secret routine (not so secret now) that makes me feel confident about the upcoming competition.

The night before a race, I drink a Corona beer. It makes me relax! I make sure I have everything packed and ready to go. I charge my Garmin, I pack my race suit and anything else I need for the big day. Next, I never forget to bring my little pink lucky troll with me!

 Before I fall asleep, I visualize the race. I see myself in the water in T1, on the bike in T2, on the run and crossing the finish line with a big smile. Visualizing a happy win inspires me to do well in the race. 

Finally, on the morning of the race, I always have coffee to get everything started. It is so important for me! Then I grab my gear, and I’m off to make my visions a reality.

I took over the Garmin Fitness Instagram today, so head on over to Instagram to see more of my pre-race routine as I prepare for Kona!





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