3 Ways to Amp Up your Workout


Forerunner 225 Running

Everyone knows intuitively that running is a great cardiovascular workout,  but to enjoy the full benefits of exercise, you need ways to objectively evaluate your routine. Building up a good sweat is an old-school indicator of an effective workout, but these days, runners are using real data to get the most out of a jog.

Find the right rhythm – Sometimes the best way to improve your run is to analyze and tweak your running form. With the Forerunner 620 and HRM-Run monitor, you can objectively analyze cadence (the frequency of steps), as well as vertical oscillation (your “bounce”), and ground contact time (the time each foot spends on the ground).  Over time, you can compare your statistics against different running paces (and other runners) to help make your stride more efficient.   

Forerunner 225 Heart Rate

Change Up Your Heart Rate – It’s always important to run with a specific goal in mind.  While that can be measured by speed, pace, or distance, more and more runners are using heart rate to maintain – or vary – a certain intensity.  Training in a certain heart rate zone can strengthen your heart and burn calories.The new Forerunner 225 features wrist-based heart rate monitoring, with a colorful, easy-to-read interface that show your heart rate zone and beats per minute at a glance.

A Well-timed Recovery – There’s also a danger in over-training, which can lead to injury. The Forerunner 920XT and Forerunner 620 take out the guesswork when it comes to recovery time between hard workouts. When paired with a heart rate monitor, these devices provide a recovery check, which is a real-time indication of your recovery state within the first several minutes of an aerobic activity. Afterwards, they’ll tell you how long you need to recover before attempting another hard workout.

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