2016 Garmin Transducers Offer New CHIRP, Ice Fishing & In-hull Designs


Garmin's new line of CHIRP transducers is designed to provide fishermen the best performance from scanning and CHIRP sonar transducers. They offer sonar technologies and more flexibility in installation, including a design built specifically for ice fishing, as well as the first in-hull CHIRP transducer. Compatible with the new Garmin STRIKER series, as well as the echoMAP CHIRP and GPSMAP series product lines and the GSD 25 black-box sonar, these new transducers are available with various configurations of CHIRP traditional, CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü sonar technologies.

“These new CHIRP transducers further our commitment to providing the best scanning sonar on the water, no matter where or how you fish,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “Whether you’re on a sport fishing yacht, a bass boat or fishing on the ice, Garmin CHIRP technology is now more affordable and available for virtually every mounting style.” 

The GT8HW series of transducers offers high band 150-240kHz traditional CHIRP with a wider beam pattern for fishermen who want clear definition of a wider coverage area in the water. These 8-pin transducers are available for transom-mount installation for shallow water fisherman, or as an ice-fishing version that includes a silicon transducer cable that’s designed to withstand harsh winter conditions.

For in-hull installations, the 8-pin GT15M-IH is a mid-band 85-165kHz CHIRP traditional transducer ideal for fiberglass boats with a hull deadrise angle between 0 and 25, who travel at high speeds and want to maintain accurate depth readings.

For anglers who want consistently clear and crisp fish arches with superior target separation, as well as a detailed definition of structure below the boat, three new 8-pin transducers offer both CHIRP traditional and CHIRP DownVü. The GT22HW-TM is a high-band 150-240kHz with 455/800kHz CHIRP DownVü transducer with a wide beam angle, perfect for freshwater fishermen who want a transom or trolling motor mount. It offers shorter form factor, perfect for mounting on a trolling motor. The GT23M series offers mid-band 80-160kHz CHIRP with 260/455 kHz CHIRP DownVü for coastal and offshore fishermen in a transom (GT23M-TM) or thru-hull (GT23M-TH) installation. 

Finally, the 12-pin GT52HW-TM offers high-band 150-240kHz CHIRP traditional, 455/800 kHz CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü, and is designed for the freshwater fisherman who want all of the best sonar and scanning technologies in one transducer. The GT52HW-TM has a compact form factor that makes it ideal for trolling-motor installation.

In addition to being fully compatible with Garmin STRIKER, echoMAP and GPSMAP series product lines, these new transducers are also compatible with the GSD 25. These new CHIRP transducers have suggested retail prices of $119.99 to $549.99, and will be available beginning in December. 

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