20-year stories: Garmin was his life preserver


Marinepic Back on the boat, Steve woke up from a short nap and asked where Reese was. Nobody knew. Steve immediately radioed the Coast Guard. Then he spoke the words every captain hopes he'll never have to: "I'm missing one of my crew members. I need some assistance." He started fiddling with the GPSMAP 230. He switched to TracBack, a feature that shows the boat's previous course. Steve turned the boat around and started to backtrack. After 30 minutes, his heart sank. There's no way he could tread water for this long, he thought.

But the man overboard kept treading, and when Reese spotted a dot on the horizon, he found the strength to keep going. Aboard the Summer Girl, Steve was the first to spot Reese, bobbing in the two- to three-foot waves. He radioed the Coast Guard. "We have him in sight… I can't believe it." Amazingly, Reese was right on the 230's course plot. "He hadn't drifted a bit, and if we hadn't seen him, we would have run right over him,” Steve said. Safe on board, Reese hugged everyone and said he was sorry for ruining a good day of fishing. And he was glad his buddy was an experienced captain who had insisted on buying first-rate navigation equipment.

R.W. and S.L.

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